Kelly & Eccleston Management was founded in 1952 by Tom and Mary Kelly; both born and raised in Kern County – Shafter and Fellows, to be exact – returned to Bakersfield after Tom finished his service in the US Army.  After a short stint in the insurance business, Tom took advantage of Kern County’s plentiful real estate opportunities, and began putting together land development transactions.  By the mid 60’s, Tom formed Thomas Kelly Associates, and was instrumental in much of the growth that took place in Bakersfield’s southwest area.  As the development continued, both for commercial and residential use, Tom saw a growing need for quality management services for developed property.  He quickly established a property management business that has been growing ever since.

In the early 80’s, Tom and Mary’s son, Patrick entered the family business, eventually taking over from Tom and running Kelly Management as the CEO in 2003. Under Patrick’s leadership, Kelly Management expanded picking up new business and providing new services.  He focused on building community relationships and added significantly to Kelly Management’s residential communities.  Patrick continued to build a strong team to address the expanding services, firmly believing that the integrity of the staff is essential to the ultimate quality of the services.  After Patrick’s untimely passing in 2014 the oversight of Kelly Management was left in the capable hands of his wife, Sarah and son, Curtis Kelly who continued to see the business thrive for several more years.

In 2020, the 3rd generation management company came together with Victoria and Justin Eccleston and formed Kelly & Eccleston Management.   Over decades, the company has continued to adapt and expand while increasing industry knowledge and experience that allows Kelly & Eccleston Management to provide clientele,  with exceptionally unmatched service.  As the company progresses into the future it will, no doubt, continue to prosper and endure as it has over the course of its half century history.