Pay Dues

You have several options available to you for making dues payments:

1) Mail your payment in:

You may mail a dues payment with your Assessment coupon to:

(Association Name)
c/o Kelly & Eccleston Management
P.O. Box 66065
Phoenix, AZ 85082-6065

2) Credit/Debt card or e-check payment though your Homeowner portal:

  1. Contact Kelly & Eccleston Management at 661-322-5936 to ensure that our office has the most up to date email and phone number on record.
  2. An AppFolio portal log in can be emailed or texted to you with instructions on how to log in to your AppFolio Homeowner portal.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method (eCheck does not charge a service fee, but Credit or Debt will), choose whether you would prefer a onetime payment or reoccurring payments, and your preferred payment date.
  4. You may log back into your AppFolio portal at any time to make payments, view payment history or make changes to your payment methods.

Already set up your AppFolio portal? Log in at

3) Payment Vouchers Accepted at Participating Merchants:

Pay your dues while you shop, fill up at the pump, or refill your prescription!  Contact or stop by our office for your individual payment voucher.  The bar codes on the voucher will allow merchants such as; WalMart, CVS, or 7Eleven to accept and apply your dues payments from their locations.

4) Walk In/Hand Deliver payment:

If you are uncomfortable with mailing or electronic payments you may still make payments in person at our office located at, 5555 California Avenue #200, Bakersfield, CA 93309.  Please be aware that we DO NOT accept cash payments in our office.

Should you have any questions, or encounter problems, please don’t hesitate in contacting Kelly & Eccleston Management at 661-322-5936.
Thank you!